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What is the best 5 star hotel in Barcelona?

We are planning a trip to Barcelona end of September. Just a weekend. It is for a special occasion so we are looking for something unique, amazing and yet relaxed. What would you say is the best 5

Financial advice needed

Two years ago, I had a great opportunity to purchase a large 5th Wheel to live in.  I was tired of paying rent and living in an apartment.  I ask my father for help (my credit was

Should I leave college?

So I’m a freshman at a four year university at the moment, I am over 2000 miles away from home. My first semester is coming to a close and I am going to fail every one of

Love advice needed!

I met this girl and she started out flirting and i came on a little to strong and think i made her back off a little. then i expressed my feelings and she opened up and told me