How to Change Facebook Fan Page name to ANYTHING + MERGE Unlimited Fan Pages in ONE

I’ll keep it short and sweet!

Let’s say you just bought a Fan page with the name “Garfield Fans” and it has some old school moms & dads that actually know and used to watch Garfield Cartoons.

Anyways, the fan page has let’s say around 50K fans, but you have no idea how to monetize it since all you post must be Garfield related… and no one wants to buy it because you are basically selling a fat cat website.

Well it’s time to change that before it gets patched – i am sharing this as i no longer need it and it already made me tons of money!

1. Go to your Fan Page Link, click about then next to the name click Edit


2. Lets say you want to convert your fan page to something you can have use of. If your fans are 30-40 old you can turn it into a shopify store.
For example if your fans are male, 30-40 years old you can turn your fan page into a gadgets shopify store.
– So all you need to do is follow 2 steps that will take up to 2 weeks to complete
Step 1: Right now, change the name to “Garfield Fans Best Gadgets”. Click continue and OK.
In most cases if you weren’t playing with Facebook a lot already, in a few seconds your page name will get changed. If the name change doesn’t pass, no worries, there is a patch that i will share at the end of this thread. If the name change is successful, please wait 14-16 days and proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Assuming the name change was successful, which is 90% of the times working for me, you can continue to this step. So here we are 14 days later.
Your new page name is now “Garfield Fans Best Gadgets”.
Go to your fan page again, click about, click edit and remove “Garfield Fans” and leave “Best Gadgets”.


Ok so if you failed, don’t panic. Usually, you will get a message from Mr. Suckerberg that looks like this:
Find a second dummy or your relative Facebook account. Make that account Administrator with full access.
In a few weeks, that account will have full permissions – name changes by new admins are not possible anymore so you need to wait the time FB needs for looking at new admins as legit ones.
Keep trying Step 1 and Step 2 until it works.

Try to make your fan pages with the same or very similar name “Best Gadgets”.
Do the manual merge once they have the same name, make sure all info, address, about is DUPLICATE and same.
In most cases the first manual merge will work. Now after that, you won’t be able to do a manual merge, but if you manage to have 5-6 fan pages with the same page, contact support manually and ask them to merge all of them for you.

Go here:

Select Business Pages > Select merge two pages and look for this:
Still need help? Contact Support.
We are closed now. We reopen tomorrow at 8:00 AM.
Email our support team

Usually a dickhead will contact on messenger having no idea for what is he/she being paid for and will in most of cases, merge all the duplicate pages you made!
You can ask them to lick your b***s in exchange of rating their customer survey positively, i am sure you may get lucky if you live nearby with their staff and usually they have staff in most regions if you are in the US.