Story: Slept with best friends mom

Here’s the dilemma…

Me and Jim have been best friends since high school. When I 1st met jim’s mom years ago I was horny high school boy. I poked fun at him about how pretty she was. She had him at 16 is now 38 and doesn’t look a day over 25. He once told us(our other friends) after drinks at a bar if any of us did or tried with his mom there’d be big problems. We are 4 months from when it happened on his 22nd birthday. Our friends and his mom decided to give a surprise party at his moms house. We did and as it ended everyone left except him, his girlfriend, me and his mom. He asked me to let him have the 1 bedroom Apt. we share alone with his girl. I said yea I’d sleep at my moms. I went to the bathroom before I left and passed his moms room where she was changing nude w/ door open. I then apologized and she said I could help clean the party to make it up. As we cleaned buzzed from alcohol she fell atop me and that led to HER KISSING ME FIRST, which led to the deed. She hasn’t told him, should I.

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