Story: I have a Cam sex problem?

Hi. I’m a 17 year old guy and I have a problem. Well my conscious is clawing at my brain telling me this isn’t right so I figured it’s a problem. I need your help, your advice, and your opinion on this. OK so to the point. SO recently in the past month. My friend and I had an idea that I should go on omegle for fun and try to get girls to flash me. As in show me their breast. Not for like masturbation but just for fun. I would do something silly to make them laugh and they would sometimes do it and then I would leave and do it to the next one. The girls are at least 15 of age. I know I’m not 18 infact I just turned 17 but I have limits. I’m not some creep that likes 14 year olds and less ugh. So one night I met this girl. She was older than me. She was 26. I told her I was 19. We had a long conversation about sexual stuff and we end up agreeing to have camsex. I’ve had cam sex with my ex girlfriend about 3-4 times. So I knew how it worked I guess. Ummm well it was fun. She was hot and had toys. It’s better than porn because someone is doing it for you. Instead of watching some random person on a porn website. It felt alot different than just masturbating to porn. Same with my ex but this was with a complete stranger so it was very strange. I’m obviously a virgin if you dont know by this point. My ex was long distance. Then I ended up doing it about 4 or more times on cam. Some with my face some without my face. I feel really bad. There was this girl who I met on omegle. We’ll call her Jane. I did the same routine to see boobs on Jane. I told her if I did something silly (not going to tell you what) would she flash her boobs. It isn’t a sexual thing. Just for fun. Like to see how many I can get I guess. She got really upset. There’s always some girls that get mad by it but Jane uhhh really bothered me. She said she felt sorry for the other girls that deprived their selves for me. I was so confused because I just did it for fun not like to hurt anyone. I would never ever take a screenshot of someone else or post it online. Just me doing something stupid seeing boobs and then leaving to the next one. Honestly. But she made me feel really bad. We skipped each other but I wanted to find her again to say i’m sorry but I never did. I never tricked any girls. I was actually brutally honest. I told them I just want to see boobs nothing else. So no relationship promise or friendship just for fun like i’ve said. I thought there was nothing wrong with it. Jane has made me really think if there is. SO I started to think about the camsex i’ve also done. All the girls I did it with were already naked or wanted to have cam sex though. It wasn’t like I charmed them up to just see them naked. SO then why do I feel so bad, so miserable. I go on omegle because i’m lonely. All my friends are online. Nothing wrong with that but I dont get to go over there house or have fun with them in real life plus we dont talk much online. I feel alone. So i go on omegle with peopel with common interest as me. Like Zelda or something nerdy. I’m not trying to make myself look pityful but I feel like shit. I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore. I feel completely different than I use to be. Like if Jane said I’m a Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”. If you know who Barney Stinson is you’ll understand but like i’ve said I dont trick people.I feel dirty. I know many people would call me names for having cam sex and or getting girls to flash me. I just don’t know if they’re right. If it’s bad i’m sorry. If it’s fine and nothing is wrong with it then I don’t know what will happen. I still feel like I should stop. I’ve never used an advice forum like this so please help me. Give me anything.

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