Love advice needed!

I met this girl and she started out flirting and i came on a little to strong and think i made her back off a little. then i expressed my feelings and she opened up and told me about a lot of serious matters that have happened to her in her past and so we kinda just floated from flirting and talking about life to me coming on to strong again and her backing away. but recently about a month and a half ago i asked her out and she told me to give her time and i didnt and she said she wasnt attracted to me the same way and wishes we could be bffs but she was scared i would keep falling for her. and i told her id keep my feelings to myself and be her bff. but tbh i really want her to be mine for the rest of my life and willing to do anything to earn her love. what should i do and do you think i have a chance with her?

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