Financial advice needed

Two years ago, I had a great opportunity to purchase a large 5th Wheel to live in.  I was tired of paying rent and living in an apartment.  I ask my father for help (my credit was poor due to a recent divorce).  My father took out a loan and I paid $5000 down.  I decided to move states so I could be closer to my parents.  I moved in their backyard for a temp. spot during the summer.  As I was getting ready to move the RV out of their backyard, my father told me that I could not move it and it was his because he had the loan on it.  I am so heart-broken and feel so trapped.  All I ever wanted was a relationship with my parents (and my daughter to know her grandparents).  I also want my RV home.  I have never missed a payment or anything.  Please help me figure this out…what should I do

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